05 September 2022

AtomOS Lite 10.02.01 Firmware Release Notes


Important Note:

For an in-depth look at the new functionality introduced in this release, visit our FAQs, and check out the CONNECT section in the ZATO CONNECT user manual. https://atomos.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/5085590576143-ZATO-CONNECT-USER-MANUAL

If you run into any issues using ZATO CONNECT, contact support@atomos.com

Installation Note:

Atomos recommends that your ZATO CONNECT is plugged into a USB-C 20W power adapter or is connected to a freshly charged battery before commencing the firmware update.

  1. Format an SD Card in exFAT via a computer or the ZATO CONNECT. You can find more information on compatible SD Cards via this link.
  2. Download the latest version of AtomOS Lite from: https://my.atomos.com
  3. Unzip the compressed package and move the .BIN file to the SD Card’s root directory
  4. Ensure that your ZATO CONNECT is powered off
  5. Insert the SD Card into the ZATO CONNECT’s SD Card slot
  6. Connect a fully charged battery or USB PD power adapter to the ZATO CONNECT
  7. Press the power button to reboot
  8. ZATO will go through a number of update screens and initially will show the Atomos logo without a progress bar
  9. The device will re-boot several times throughout the update process and will reboot after the installation is complete

Note: The .BIN file will not be automatically deleted from the SD card, so please remove it from your SD Card after completing the installation.

New Features:

CONNECT to ATOMOS Cloud Studio

Pair your ZATO CONNECT and get ready to access a powerful collection of new cloud-based video production services

  1. Dial-in the local date & time in the Date & Time menu on your ZATO CONNECT
  2. Connect your ZATO CONNECT to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  3. Create a new account on cloud.atomos.com or log into your existing ATOMOS Cloud Studio account
  4. Add a new device to your account and select ZATO CONNECT.
  5. Enter the three words that are displayed in the ZATO's CONNECT menu after pressing the “Pair” button.

Note: If you've previously added your ZATO CONNECT to your account for Streaming, you don't need to add or re-pair it again.

Go live via ATOMOS Stream

You can now stream to Facebook Live and Custom RTMP Destinations

Note: Due to the large number of streaming and social media platforms that accept custom RTMP sources for live streaming, it is not possible to test every available option. Please take a look at our FAQ article that lists the platforms that have been tested so far, and don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if a streaming platform you'd like to use isn't available. https://atomos.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/205529868-Setup-connectivity

Note: Currently, this device only supports streaming to sites that don't require authentication unless they accept it as part of the URL.

Addition of quick access Overlay Preset buttons

Hide and Show Overlay Presets without the need to go into the Overlay Menu

Known Limitations to be resolved in future releases: