March 23rd 2023

AtomOS Lite 10.05.00 Firmware Release Notes


Important Note:

Before accessing the service via Atomos Cloud Studio, please ensure that your Zato CONNECT is connected to the internet and that the Time Zone is appropriately set for your current location.

If you run into any issues using Zato CONNECT, contact

Installation Note:

Atomos recommends that your Zato CONNECT is plugged into a USB-C PD power adapter (>20W) or is connected to a freshly charged battery before commencing the firmware update. If you already own a Ninja V or V+, you can also use the NP-F battery eliminator and power supply shipping with either of them, as it's also compatible with Zato CONNECT.

  1. Factory Reset your Zato CONNECT via the "Reset Device" button in the About Device menu within the General tab to prepare it for the new update.
  2. Format an SD Card in exFAT or FAT32 via a computer or the Zato CONNECT. You can find more information on compatible SD Cards via this link.
  3. Download the latest version of AtomOS Lite from:
  4. Unzip the compressed package and move the .BIN file to the SD Card’s root directory.
  5. Ensure that your Zato CONNECT is powered off.
  6. Insert the SD Card into the Zato CONNECT’s SD Card slot.
  7. Connect a fully charged battery or USB PD power adapter (>20W) to the Zato CONNECT.
  8. Press the power button to reboot.
  9. Zato will go through several update screens and will initially show the Atomos logo without a progress bar.
  10. The device will reboot several times throughout the update process and will reboot after the installation is complete.
  11. After the Zato reboots, you'll be presented with a welcome message, detailing the new features introduced in this release.

Note: Factory resetting your device before or after updating your Zato CONNECT is mandatory to ensure that all the new features introduced in this release work properly.

New Features:

Support for the newly introduced Atomos Cloud Studio Subscription Tiers

Subscribers to Atomos Cloud Studio's various subscription Tiers gain a variety of new options when it comes to the Zato CONNECT's Streaming and Camera to Cloud capabilities. For an overview of feature availability based on your ACS subscription, please follow this link:

Changes to C2C Implementation

Note: Available options may vary depending on your subscription tier.

Changes to RTMP Streaming Implementation

Note: Available options may vary depending on your subscription tier.

Operational Considerations:

Bug Fixes & General Improvements:

Known Limitations: