September 29th 2023

AtomOS 11.02.00 Firmware Release Notes

Upgrading your Shogun Connect to AtomOS 11

AtomOS 11 is the first major redesign of our bespoke operating system since 2018, and we're excited to offer it as a free upgrade for your Shogun Connect. This upgrade from AtomOS 10 to AtomOS 11 is a one-way process and cannot be reversed, as will permanently reconfigure your Shogun Connect. Please note that this is the only path for future upgrades and bug fixes. AtomOS 10 for the Shogun Connect will no longer receive any new updates.

Installation Instructions

Atomos recommends that your Shogun Connect is plugged into mains power before commencing the firmware update.

  1. Insert a compatible, formatted SSD into the Docking Station.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the ATOMSGC.FW file to the root directory of the SSD.
  3. Eject the SSD according to operating system guidelines.
  4. Insert the SSD into the Shogun Connect.
  5. Power on the Shogun Connect and the firmware upgrade process will begin automatically.
    Note: If your Shogun Connect is already powered on, you will be prompted to perform the firmware upgrade when a drive containing new firmware is inserted.
  6. Once the upgrade is complete, your Shogun Connect will power itself down.
  7. Power your Shogun Connect back on and the device will automatically complete the update process.
  8. To verify if the firmware upgrade was successfully completed, navigate to the main menu and scroll to the info tab.

New Features

10-Bit Support for C2C Workflows

This release includes improvements for our device C2C uploads to, Atomos Edit and Sony Ci Media. Users now have the option to adjust the Bit depth of their C2C clips via Atomos Cloud Studio. Previously, our devices were limited to uploading C2C clips in 8-bit only, but now, uploading 10-bit clips is available for both Dual (Hero + Proxy) and Single (Hero only) C2C modes.

Configuration: Atomos Cloud Studio will provide a "Bit depth" field in the "Edit Destination" dialog when "Quality" is set to "Custom".

The following combinations of options will be configurable via Atomos Cloud Studio:

Note: An Atomos Cloud Studio Premium subscription is required to access the Custom Quality setting where the Bit depth setting is configured.

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

Along with the improvements to the C2C workflows, 11.02.01 also includes various bug fixes and less obvious changes.

Known Limitations to be resolved in future releases