Tar and Chip Driveways, Bitumen and Chipping on Driveways

Tar and chipping is known to be one of the most affordable style of driveways when it comes to resurfacing your old driveway. Available in a range of cut stone chip finishes such as gold, granite, natural, white stone and more. Very easily carried out and generally done in one day. On larger areas, a bitumen spraying lorry is used whereas smaller areas, it is sprayed by a high pressure sprayer instead. The chip is put on top of it and rolled into it.

Granite Chip

The most popular option for customers is the granite chip finish on a driveway.

Gold Chip

Normally used on more traditional styled houses where brickwork is present.

White Chip

We often used white chip on tarmac where we roll it into the tarmac.

Natural Colour

Most commonly used when we spray down tar and chip for roadways.

Installing Tar and Chip

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Tar and Chipping Information

Tar and chip can be applied either directly on top of as a base foundation or you can apply it on top of an existing tarmac or concrete driveway. We personally recommend having a solid base in place for it before to help the bonding process.

Hot tar is sprayed down over the surface, generally we recommend a minimum of 2 coats or even 3 coats if that area will see vehicles turning on it. The more bitumen means the better the chipping is held in place.

Once the bitumen is down, the chipping is raked down or machine laid on top of the bitumen depending on the size of the area. The most important part of this is to ensure the bitumen is thoroughly covered so no spots are left uncovered.

Once its completely covered over, a machine goes over it which will roll the stone down into the bitumen and bond the two surfacing products together.

You might still get some loose chip on top of it but that will disappear over the course of the next week or two as its impossible to ensure no loose chippings are left.

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