Labour & National have very DIFFERENT RMA replacement ideas Labour’s is based on considered Randerson Report with move 2 spatial plans, focus on housing, environmental limits, climate change adaptation, reduced complexity & number of plans. National wd destroy integrated env mgmt

— Rachel Brooking (@BrookingRachel) October 2, 2020

“I want politics to change... doesn’t have to be about mud-slinging... got to have robust debate... a place where people see themselves...”

Agree with Jacinda Ardern#LetsKeepMoving

— Rachel Brooking (@BrookingRachel) October 15, 2020

Chatting to my brother who reckons he would move to dunedin to start Internet business if win #gigatowndun

— Rachel Brooking (@BrookingRachel) October 17, 2014

Auckland council website crashed due 2 new property valuations; would not happen in #gigatowndun with mix of gig & low property values! Sigh

— Rachel Brooking (@BrookingRachel) November 10, 2014