For all the disappointed JK Rowling fans. Ursula Leguin did the orphan goes to Wizard school before Harry Potter. But in this story the orphan wizard is black.

— teanau tuiono (@teanau_tuiono) June 18, 2020

So no Pacific-NZ bubble with island countries with no Covid19. But randoms from the UK with Covid19 get to drive from Auckland to Wellington. Someone is letting down our team of 5 million and it ain't the islands.

— teanau tuiono (@teanau_tuiono) June 16, 2020

We should be pledging allegiance to Te Tiriti o Waitangi not to the Queen. It is thru Te Tiriti that the crown has any validity at all.

— teanau tuiono (@teanau_tuiono) October 22, 2020

Always was always will be #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe #InvasionDay

— teanau tuiono (@teanau_tuiono) January 25, 2021