My name is Al Gross. I’m a doctor & commercial fisherman running for U.S. Senate. Our race is tied 43% to 43% - which has scared Mitch McConnell into running $1.6 million in attack ads against me.

Will you retweet this & donate to help us win in Alaska?

— Dr. Al Gross (@DrAlGrossAK) September 25, 2020

.@SenDanSullivan works for #MitchMcConnell - he votes Mitch’s way 97% of the time.

I’m a different kind of candidate - one who will always put #Alaska first. Watch our first TV ad and chip in to help keep it on the air: #FlipTheSenate

— Dr. Al Gross (@DrAlGrossAK) July 23, 2020

Unlike @realDonaldTrump tonight, I condemn white supremacy. I call on @SenDanSullivan to do the same.

— Dr. Al Gross (@DrAlGrossAK) September 30, 2020

A message for @realDonaldTrump . We know you count on @SenDanSullivan to stay silent as your administration threatens Alaska. In a few short months, that will change. Hands off OUR postal service Mr. President.

— Dr. Al Gross (@DrAlGrossAK) August 23, 2020